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Serving the Puget Sound and Lake Union area since 1915.


Our family owned third generation tugboat company provides our customers with quality service at a fair price. Our captains and crew are our family and the pride we have in our fleet and our business shows in every job we perform. We have a well-founded reputation of being a company who cares about its customers and the maritime community. Fremont Tugboat is known for its soft landings, great attitude and its punctuality. We still believe that our word and a handshake is our bond and the backbone of our company. We are on call 24 hours a day and always ready to assist our customers.



"If it floats we tow it"


This was and still is our motto today. We are a unique marine towing company that offers the kind of service our customers require. We have the equipment and the knowledge to provide many additional services to our customers as well. We are always available to consult with our customers on custom projects.

  • In water setup and assembly of temporary dock sections Launch service and tugboat tours
  • Floating Crane service
  • Barge Service
  • Bareboat charter of vessels available on request
  • Custodial services of stored vessels.
  • Custom fabrication in Steel, Aluminum, Wood and most any material you can think of.

Trade shows and over the water event setup

YOU provide the imagination AND let us handle the rest.

For many years we set up the Shilshole Boat Show and have been setting up the Seattle Boats Afloat show for the last 10 years for both their summer and winter events. We can set up and anchor many types of events on the water. We have the contacts to procure floating sectional docks and barges as well as a working knowledge of what is needed to be compliant when working over the water.


Dock Maintenance and custom float construction

part of the day to day operation of the company.

If you need renewal of chains on your houseboat, small dock repair or if you need to renew the tops of old pilings with a cement sleeve. We can help. For over 100 years we have been in the maintenance business, but have not advertised this to our clients. Maintaining docks and waterfront facility in Lake Union was just part of the day to day operation of the company. Over the years we have helped our friends and neighbors with these same projects when the need arose. Now we would like to help you. From wood planked pier repairs, to mobile welding service on the water. Give us a call.

Jethro Before Build up (3).JPG

Fabrication and Welding

We love the small jobs too.

Ever since Cap Webster opened for business in 1915, we have been maintaining and refitting our tugboats, Barges and facility with our own crew. Back then it was lumber and nails, while today seems to be more about Steel and aluminum. Fremont Tugboat offers a wide variety of services to its customers. We have built gangways, wheelhouse conversions, custom deck lockers, exhaust parts, davits, rudders, anchor rollers and winch pads just to name a few. We also offer mobile welding service if needed.


Diving Service

we service in and out of the water.

Fremont Tugboat Company also offers diving service to its customers. Floatation barrels under houseboats, small underwater repairs, replacing of zinc anodes and propellers, are just some of the services we can provide. As well as recovery of sunken items, salvage,  or the renewing of mooring buoy pennants and chain.


For Seattle’s Fremont Tugboat, small has been beautiful for 100 years

“We do a bit of everything,” -Erik O. Freeman, Captain

Fremont Tug Marks 100 Years Service on Lake Union

"One of our selling points is we can be at work ten minutes after we get a call" -Erik O. Freeman, Captain

Fremont Tugboat Company turns 100

'"A special part of Seattle history has just turned 100 years old."

Under the Needle: Fremont Tugboat Co. has been holding the course for 93 years

"We just keep things steady around here" -Erik O. Freeman, Captain

Fremont Tugboat, Assisting Vessel Pacific Star

"Their family owned third generation tugboat company provides their customers with quality service at a fair price."