24 HR DISPATCH: ☎ (206) 632-0151


Specifications of Vessel


Vessel Name: Dixie

Type: Single: Single Screw Tugboat

Former Name: Grant Dixon 1

Official Number: 263365

Gross Tonnage: 29

Net Tonnage: 20

Total Weight: 65 Tons with full fuel tanks

Construction: Steel

Port Registry: Seattle, WA

Year Built: 1951

Last Rebuild: 2004

Survey: 2017

Vessel Dimensions

Overall Length: 51’   

Registered Length: 46.3’

Overall Beam: 17’

Registered Beam: 15.1

Draft: 8’

Air Draft: 26’



Tank Capacity

Fuel: 2700 Gallons Diesel. (1500 fwd, 1200 aft)

Lube Oil: 125 Gallons

Hydraulic Oil: 20 Gallons

Potable Water: 120 Gallons

Black Water: 60 Gallons




Main Engine: Cummins VTA 1710 M-2

Horsepower: 630

Reduction Gear: Twin Disc MG-521 with 4 to 1 ratio

Propeller: 58x54 4 Blade SS

Shaft Size: 5 inch

Bollard Pull: 5.5 Tons

AC Power

Shore Connection: 50 amp 240V twist lock

Generator: Kohler

Inverter: Magnum


DC Power

Batteries: 24 Volt DC Starting/House Bank-12 Volt DC House/Inverter Bank

Charging: Magnum and Pro Mariner



Radio VHF: Pilothouse: Standard Horizon: Quantum GX2360S, Quantum GX5500S, Matrix GX2200, 2- Explorer 1700. 

Upper Station: 2-Standard Horizon Explorer 1700.

Galley: Standard Horizon: Explorer 1700.

 Crew Quarters:  Standard Horizon Explorer 1700.                                                

 Aft Station: Standard Horizon Explorer 1700.

 Call Sign: WDE5971

Radio SSB: N/A

Loudhailer: Standard Horizon VLH-3000

Whistle: Cunningham Number 1

Radar: Furuno 1942

Fathometer: Raytheon ST 60+ & Garmin Sonar

GPS Plotter: Garmin 7610 XSV, Garmin 7607 XSV

Autopilot: N/A

Compass:  Danforth Constellation

Weather Station: Weems & Plath, Maximum Wind Meter

AIS: ACR AIS Link CA 1 & Garmin 300

Radio Portable VHF:  3    Standard Horizon HX 290 

Search Light: Go Light

 Deck Equipment

Tow Winch: Navy Standard Hydraulic

Bow Winch: Tulsa 1200W Hydraulic

Face Wire Winch: Beebe Hydraulic

Crane: Alaskan knuckle Crane. Hydraulic 500 lb SWL

Davit: Aluminum, Port Bow

Lines/Wires: Spring Line 1 ½ inch 8 strand “Supertuf” 45,414 lb Breaking

                      Stern Line 1 ½ inch 8 strand “Supertuf” 45,414 lb breaking                

                      Headline  3/4 inch Amsteel 64,000 LB Breaking

                      Deck Lines 1 inch 3 strand “Poly Blue Steel” 21,825 lb Breaking

                      Tow Winch Wire 1 1/8 X 1200 Ft Galv. 105,200 LB Breaking

                      Face Wire 5/8 Galvanized wire 41,200 lb. Breaking

                      Face Wire Pennants ¾ inch Amsteel 64,000 LB Breaking

                      Soft Line Bridles and Tow Line 1 inch “Poly Blue Steel” 21,825 lb Breaking

                     Soft Line Bridles and Tow Line 1 ½ inch Poly Blue Steel

                     Terminal Gear: Shackles, Hooks, Blocks, Slings.


 Salvage Equipment

Dive Gear: Dry Suit and all necessary scuba equipment with 4 aluminum 80 tanks aboard at all times.

Lift Bags: 4 each 2,000 lb lift bags

Oil Spill Boom: 150 feet of 4-inch disposable boom

Oil Spill Pads: 4 Bales

Damage Control Supplies: DC Tarps, Splash Zone Putty, Assorted Wood Plugs, Assorted Wood Wedges, Epoxy Tape, Mechanical Rubber Plugs, Steel Patching Circles, Plywood Patching Pieces.    


Safety Equipment

Life Boat: N/A

Life Rings: 2-24” with floating lights and throw bags

Life Sling: Life sling with lifting tackle

Survival Suits: 4- Adult with strobe light and whistle

Mustang Suits: 2 Adult

PFD’s: 6 Adult, 2 Children’s Type 1 with Strobe and whistle, 4 approved work Vests with strobe lights.

Fixed Fire Suppression or Semi Portable: B-5 Installed In Engine Room

Portable Fire Extinguishers: 2- 5lb ABC Dry Chem, 1- 10 lb ABC Dry Chem, 1- 10 lb BC Carbon Dioxide, 3- 15 lb BC Carbon Dioxide,

Portable Fire/Dewatering Pumps: 2- 2 inch Honda/Pacer 12,000 Gallons per hour each. Suctions and 50 feet of fire hose with nozzle on each pump

SCBA: Located in Galley

First Aid: Yes




Wheelhouse: Day Bunk area with chart locker and stowage below. Bookshelf with all required publications, logbooks and engineering information on vessel operations. 5 VHF radios. 2 Garmin GPS chart plotters, Furuno mod-1924 Radar, Raytheon Fathometer, Electric Heat, Loudhailer, Electronic Engine control, Jog Steering with manual helm, Circulating fans, White and Red LED interior lighting. VDO Camera display from Steering Quadrant, 3 views of Engine room. TV/DVD. AM/FM CD Stereo.

Galley: 3 burner electric stove and oven. Microwave. Dorm size refrigerator. Galley table with seating for 4. Electric heat. Coffee Maker. Toaster oven.TV/DVD. VHF Radio. Ample stowage for stores and supplies

Crew Quarters: 2 spacious bunks located below the galley. TV/DVD and ample stowage room for gear and supplies.

Head: 12-volt marine head with 60-gallon black water tank. Shower.


Tools & Equipment

Welding: Miller Thunderbolt Stick Welder located in Engine Room. Miller 185 Gas Driven Stick Welder. Oxy/Acetylene Torch and Welding.

Power Tools: 18 Volt De Walt Cordless Tools, Various 110 AC Corded Tools

Hand Tools: Well supplied

Pumps: Portable Fuel Transfer Pump, Fixed Oil Change Pump, Rule 1800 Portable Dewatering Pump, Rule 2000 Portable Dewatering Pump, Fixed 24 Volt DC Wash-down Pump.

Portable Chargers: 6-amp 6-36 volt multi-charger

Miscellaneous: Pressure Washer, Fixed 110 AC Air Compressor, Fixed 2 Stage 220 AC Air Compressor.


Description Of Vessel:

Model bow single screw tugboat with conventional and monkey rudder. Electronic controls and jog steering. Used mainly as a day boat in fresh water for shifting vessels and barges. Dixie has the fuel and accommodations to support voyages of 7 to 10 days if needed.